Burrata with Crispy Chilli Oil & Roti

By Telina Menzies

Now gracing the Public Bar menu at The Hotel Esplanade, this seductive Burrata dish is exactly what you’ve been waiting for all winter.

Courtesy of Chef Telina Menzies, they have kindly supplied the recipe for this incredibly simple recipe, packed with so much flavour it will completely knock your socks off. We hope you love chilli.


Serves 2


1x Burrata 110g

1/4 Spring Onion, thinly sliced

3 Tbsp Crispy Chilli Oil*

1 Roti or spring onion pancake**

*We make ours with Mya Tiger chilli oil but I recommend picking up a popular brand like Ronin Chilli, or any good brand from your local Asian Grocer.

**If you don’t want to make these, pick them up from the freezer section at your local Asian Grocer.


Slice the spring onions and set aside. In a small pan on medium heat, fry the roti in ghee (or oil) on both sides until golden brown.

To assemble, place the hot roti on the plate and put the sexy Vannella Burrata in the centre.

Spoon over the crispy, crunchy chilli oil (go as hard or soft on this as you like! Pending your love of spice).

Finish by topping with a scatter of spring onions and enjoy!